Mill Creek Dental has recently added a new state of the art technology to our practice.  We are excited to introduce and implement digital scanning to our practice.  By using a comfortable scanning wand we are able to take full arch scans of our patients for patient education and records and also take full arch scan for night guards (no need to take molds of patient’s teeth which are often uncomfortable and especially difficult for those patients with a strong gag reflex).

We are also able to eliminate impressions for crowns, bridges, and implants.  The scans are able to capture the detail (if not more) of all of the information our labs need to fabricate beautiful, well-fitting restorations.  And unlike in the past, if we need a little more information in the impression, it only take a few seconds to recapture the area versus taking another four minute impression!

The Trios 3Shape is notable because it scans in color which captures tissue, teeth and restoration changes as well as shade of teeth to compare for bleaching and to send exact shade matches to our labs.

The digital scans are sent seamlessly to our labs over the digital highway and are received within minutes of us finishing a patient’s scan.  The labs use printed models to fabricate crowns, bridges, night guards and implant restorations.

Both of Dr. Chin’s assistants are well-trained with the new technology and they can quickly and comfortably scan the necessary areas for the procedure being performed.

Mill Creek Dental is very excited to add this technology to our practice and can’t wait for our patients to see and experience digital dentistry.  Please feel free to ask us about our Trios 3Shape Scanner!