Laser Therapy








Our office offers laser therapy, lasers in dentistry can be used both to improve gum health and help reduce periodontal disease. Dental lasers can also be used for a number of dental/teeth-related issues.

For gum health, research suggests that the use of lasers as an adjunct to scaling and root planing (srp) may improve the effectiveness of this procedure. SRP is a non-surgical therapy used to treat periodontal diseases. In addition, when the lasers are used properly during periodontal therapy there can be less bleeding, swelling and discomfort to the patient during surgery. The incorporation of laser provides decontamination of the lased site(s) and the initiation of the bodies own immune response.

For dental/teeth health, lasers can be used in our office to remove excess tissue (for example: around back molars that are difficult to clean) and to help heal ulcers and sores. We can also implement a dental laser to help achieve perfect impressions for crown procedures and to expose covered implants. There are many applications and the procedures listed are just a few of the most common.

Dr. Chin and our hygienists have taken continuing education courses in laser therapy.