A child’s introduction to professional dental care ideally should take place by their first birthday. The earlier you begin, the better chance there is to prevent problems. Most cavities in children start to develop before age three.

A good time to schedule your child’s first dental visit is in the morning, when he or she is rested and likely to be cooperative. If they enjoy the first dental visit, future ones will be anticipated rather than feared. Early experiences will influence their attitude toward dental care, and can help start them on the path to a lifetime of good dental health.

What could be more beautiful to you as a parent than your child’s smile? An early orthodontic screening assures that your child’s smile will be healthy and look its best. Just as your child’s first visit to the dentist should be as early as six months, the best time for a first visit to the orthodontist is by age seven.

It may also help minimize the need for more extensive treatment at a later date, such as the removal of permanent teeth. Early treatment may also help your child’s self-esteem – a fragile asset that’s so important in growing up.